American Culture Study Plan

Who is ACSP?

ACSP is a private, fee-based, company that arranges Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) F-1 visas, placements and host families upon successful completion of the student application to a specific school.

Right now, ACSP is seeking schools all over the US to accept international students onto their campus


ACSP is also seeking more students and schools from other countries that would like to begin sending their students to the United States for long or short-term study abroad.  

Please contact ACSP now for more information 


My name is Brennan Benjamin and I started ACSP in February, 2018. 

I believe the study abroad experience is one of the best that someone can have in their life. Through my personal study abroad in Costa Rica and Spain, I learned a lot about the world, other language, culture, food and made life long friends. 

I want students to experience the same personal growth that I did and have a great time in the United States that is not only academically successful but also helps students mature through study abroad.


I have previously worked with schools in Temecula and San Diego, California. 

Currently, I am expanding to Massachusetts for students who want to study on the East Coast.